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Where do I begin with Kay?

It’s impossible to sum-up such a complex and beautiful human, but since this is a testimonial of sorts, I’ll tell you the three things I admire most about her:

  • Her sense of adventure

  • A relentless commitment to “better”

  • And a sense of humor that buoys her and everyone around her through the toughest of challenges.

I can’t recall an interaction with Kay where I haven’t laughed. Not just a giggle. A really from-the-heart laugh. And honestly, this is what it takes for any leader to truly lead as laughter creates empathy and the space for shared moments of connection to happen. In Kay, you’re getting someone who has a relentless drive to connect and strive for better, and it’s all rooted in this deep-seated sense of adventure she’s carried for years. Whether ex-pat’ing from the States to live among the locals in Mexico to launching a new business venture, Kay’s adventurous spirit takes her unafraid into uncharted territory and makes her ask, “How, why, and for whom?” By asking those questions, Kay undoubtedly finds better for everyone, including herself, and brings everyone who’s brave enough to search for such along with her for one wildly fulfilling ride.

E. Napoletano (just “E.”)

pronouns: they/y'all*


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