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Philanthropy &


Cocos Animal Welfare, Riviera Maya Mexico

Fundraising.  My company has always loved animals. Over the years we advocated and promoted Cocos' Animal Welfare in Playa del Carmen.  In 2016, we worked with Coco's to raise over $15,000 to build their new facility.

Huheso Foundation, Sewing Co-op,  Kahama Tanzania

Founder.  It started as one sewing machine. It then became two classrooms where women came to learn basic business skills and sew.  Over the years, the classrooms were not only used by women but other NGO's used the space for their programs as well.

Climbed Kilimanjaro, Fundraising, Tanzania & Kenya

Fundraising.  I climbed Kili as an adventure but wanted to do more than promote tourism. I put my efforts to good use in the community. I rallied sponsors to donate money, which all went to building the sewing school that empowered women, as I mentioned above.

Me and K in TZ.jpg
Humane Society International, Tanzania

Un-official assistant.  I had the opportunity to travel as a tag along and help a friend from Humane Society International do "dog and donkey" clinics across Tanzania. We did rabies vaccinations, field triage, & taught locals how to take better care of their donkeys. The women of one community taught us to sift broken grains of rice left behind from the processing plant.

Hurricane Dean Relief, Costa Maya Mexico

Helping those in need.  Category 5 Hurricane Dean hit a beautiful yet vulnerable area of Caribbean Mexico. Through social media, my company raised over $10,000 USD. We bought the necessary provisions. and made delivered the relief supplies by hand to Mayan communities and the town of Mahahual. 

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