Women Divers Hall of Fame

One of the first inductees in 2000 for my cave diving exploration work in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Explorer's Club International Fellow

In 1993 I joined Cedam Cave Diving team and the Nohoch Cave expedition under the direction of Mike Madden.  Myself and dive partner Gary Walten then carried an Explorer's Club Flag in 1997 exploring the Yaxchen Cave System.

Magazines  & Articles

Over my cave diving career, I was featured or included in many publications in the US and Europe. 

I have written been published in organization publications such as the National Cave Diving Association.

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Stunt Woman & Production Team Member

Over the years I have participated on many production teams above and below the waterline for projects with Discover, Nat Geo and others.  I had the unique opportunity to be the stunt woman in the underwater cave portions of MacGillivray Freeman's IMAX Movie, "Journey Into Amazing Caves".

It is through all the years cave diving and exploring the Yucatan that has inspired me to be involved with social image and sustainability.

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