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One of the early pioneers of underwater cave exploration in the Yucatan.

Women's Diver Hall of Fame

 Explorers Club Fellow  


Other Adventures

The adventures over the years have been amazing. I stomped the Mayan ruins of Caracol with the archaeologists, to the ruins of Stratoniceia in Turkey.  Travels in Central American led me wild caving in Belize and clowning around Guatemala with Patch Adams.  I rode a crowded boat up Lake Tanganyika to Jane Goodall's camp, Gombe.  Hiked the jungle looking for chimps and stopped to stare across to Uganda.  And the mystical night, being one of the only women smoking a nargile or Turkish water pipe in a local shisha cafe in Istanbul. 


There have been so many trips of a lifetime that words cannot do justice.  So I invite you to scroll through some of my favorite photos. 

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Kay Walten

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