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Passion, Love, and Genuine Care

“I was introduced to Kay by a mutual friend; all I knew or caught at the time was she owns and operates a boutique travel business in Akumal, MX (Loco Gringo). I had been to Mexico many times before; I didn’t think or truly entertain the thought of her services. As I got to know Kay, it became evident that she wasn’t just interested in booking or selling you your next trip. She wanted you to know, experience, and appreciate the area you were going to. The customer service was there; what radiated most was her passion, love, and genuine care for the people and the area you are visiting. Kay’s caring nature, her big picture mindset, eye for marketing, and love for mother earth make her a phenomenal individual to work with and even better – to call a friend.”

Miguel Lopez

Executive Director

Small Business Development Center


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