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Knowledgable, Innovative and Inspiring

I had the privilege of being employed by Kay Walten from March of 2004 until she sold her company, LocoGringo, in April of 2019.  Throughout our time together, Kay was an incredible leader, supervisor and mentor.  

Kay was always thoughtful in her approach as manager and CEO.  She was clear in her expectations and provided motivation in creative and supportive ways.  She created a workplace culture that cultivated and nurtured ideas and communication, thus allowing her employees and company to grow and flourish.  She certainly had a way of helping people realize their full potential.

Kay's knowledge and vision is inspiring, and it was an honor to work for someone that was so innovative. I do not believe I have ever known anyone who garnered so much loyalty and respect from their staff.  

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that Kay provided me and for her constant support and guidance.  I have no doubt that Kay’s expertise and leadership skills will bring great success to her next endeavor.

Kathleen Datica

Operations Manager


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