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If You Have The Opportunity, Take It.

I have known. Kay, for 15 years. When I met Kay, she was the CEO of Loco Gringo, and a marketing wizard. Kay was very gracious and offered to help me with my struggling foundation Indrani's Light. Kay would help me to bloom. She helped me to think about the values of the foundation. She encouraged me to think about scaling and gently point out where there were gaps in my thinking, from what I wanted to teach how I wanted to teach it throughout the years.

Kay has been generous with her time. Her intellect and her friendship. Indrani's Light is thriving today, in part because Kay believed in what I was doing. My life is robust today in part because Kay Walten is the person that she is and the friend that she is. And the generous spirit that she is. If you have an opportunity to work with Kay. Please take it.

Kay will help you process the depths and the heights of where you are to where you want to go.

Indrani Goradia


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