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A Modern Day Pioneer

Kay started her company in 1996, and I started mine in 1997. Our stretch of coastline, Akumal, in the Riviera Maya, was one of the first areas to develop vacation rentals as a business. We were pioneers in an area that lacked infrastructure but was a beautiful spot on the map, and she shared it with the world through the internet. Kay and her company were the foundation of Akumal's growth. She was able to bring in guests from all over the world to experience our piece of paradise. Kay had a vision of experiences visitors would enjoy while on vacation and gave visitors insights to develop an appreciation for the culture and environment.

Kay's success paved the way for more employment opportunities for the Mexican and Mayans in the region. With the influx of tourism, this town and other coastal villages became a fertile place for other entrepreneurs to open their doors with restaurants, shops, and tour services. Kay was always ready to offer sound advice to tour operators, property and hotel owners, restaurants, and other tourist services on promotional, marketing, or guest experience opportunities.

The confidence Kay built in the vacation rental and tourism industry inspired investment from within Mexico and abroad, for infrastructure and development.

Kay has been at the foundation of helping many schools and civic organizations grow through promotion to her clients and online community rendering support through time, money, or goods, depending on the cause. Kay has always been committed to the betterment of the community.

Kay has been an excellent resource for me and my business's success, and she has left an indelible print on the history of the Riviera Maya.

Marcy Essy

U Nah Kin Vacation Rentals

Akumal, Mexico

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