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A Big Hairy Problem

For my capstone project at Temple, I continued working on a close to my heart, which is feral cats. When I first arrived in Mexico, Akumal had its own breed of feral cats. They were generally white and black, and you could see them hanging around restaurants and the Chomak convenience store. I even adopted a feral kitten and named him Mr. Wooty RIP. Through trap, spay, and neuter programs, the Akumal cats are a thing of the past.

What people fail to realize is that feral cat populations can decimate native species of destinations we love. Feral cats also carry diseases that can be passed on to humans. It is my hope that destinations, hospitality, and tourism businesses realize the threat and take human actions in controlling the population.

My research supports the need for concern for destinations and the tourism industry on the risks to biodiversity, health, and safety. That being said the methods chosen to manage the population can affect the vacation decisions and recommendations of tourists.

Below you can read my findings and the full report.


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