What does lunch have to do with social media marketing?

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working out during your lunch break What does lunch have to do with social media marketing?

There are a few things that we all know people enjoy, vacations, food, friends and family. When you look at what people are talking about the most online these days, food is the number one topic, whether it be cooking your own food, eating the right food, experiencing food or just getting excited about food photos.

So how does lunch tie in to social media? Other than we need to have lunch, and it is great that we are advocating for a lunch break, lunch could be your ticket to higher engagement, more fans, more followers and more bookings for your business.

Lunch = social media crunch

In our previous post about ME verses WE, the topic was focusing on the WE when posting and not making it all about ME. The second connection is lunch, yup lunch. Your lunch and what you eat for lunch, sharing that information and how it reflects who you are and what you do could actually get you more engagement. Huh??

Directly selling on social media is a no-no and if you chose to sell directly making your posts all about ME then you will not have the conversations, likes, follows or engagement that you think you deserve. If you share things that are about your destination, about your favorite things in the area that you do business in and share what you are having for lunch, you will start to get better engagement.

How lunch can re-launch your social media strategy

Lets say that your tourism business is located in Costa Rica. You have a hotel and you want to engage with more fans and followers. taking this advise, you go to your favorite local hang out for lunch, take a photo and share the details. Your photo could look like this:

Casado Costa Rica What does lunch have to do with social media marketing?

And your post could say ‘Enjoying a  break from the computer and having lunch @ XXX restaurant in Costa Rica. Loving the plantains today with the fresh salsas. The banana leaf as a plate makes it all that more homey.”

This post has nothing to do with upcoming hotel specials, room photos, entrance photos, and this restaurant is not around the corner from this person’s place of work. But the comments they will receive from their fans will be three fold. Really. Food is an exciting endeavor for many people and when you introduce a lunch that for many is not the norm, they will sit up and listen.

Lunch, brunch, your morning walk, your drive to work it all works.

We forget that where we live is not where everyone lives, that is why there is a tourism industry that you have tapped into, no matter where you are. Your routine is the norm for you, but not the norm for others. As you post interesting food, destination or regular daily dealings on your social networks, people will see you are out and about, can start to trust in you and your destination, and your level of authority as an expert in your destination will grow. All of these qualities trust, being an expert, knowledge of the area, knowledge of the culture will have people pay attention, read your posts, comment on your posts, think about your destination and then finally, book a trip and book with you the resident expert that the fan or follower trusts.

Unrelated valuable content is what you should be looking for

The list of unrelated valuable content is long, think flight deals to your destination, think restaurant reviews, think local markets, think fashion. Doing it all will not make you an expert but this strategy will.

1. Know your market. Know what your market is interested in. Are they travelers or vacationers. Are they young or older travelers. Is your market families or is it single guests. Find this out first before you zone in on your niche.

2. Once you know your market find out what interests them the most. If it is sustainable tourism, post about sustainability in on area. Sustainable architecture, sustainable food sources, sustainable tours, every day sustainable living ideas. If your market likes food find our if it is local food, or chef inspired foodies, are they followers of a food type. Find out and post.

3. None of this will be related to your business directly, all of this is about the destination, the area, the country or the neighborhood. You are showing unique highlights of the area that people could visit. Show them what you had for lunch, really.

Authority first, engagement second

Becoming an authority takes some time and requires that you focus on the above strategy. Once you find the area of interest, your social media marketing audience will grow and you will gain authority status. with authority comes engagement, with engagement comes commitment. With commitment comes bookings…….and so on and so on.

Lunch is your ticket to social media success

Posting rich content is not determined by you but determined by your market. Once you know what rich content is for your market, they will come.

Rich content + authority + engagement = bookings.

Simple, really and this whole time your rich content has been right in front of you, your lunch.


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