Touristlink for travel businesses – another social marketplace

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touristlink Touristlink for travel businesses   another social marketplace

Touristlink has been hitting the news lately as a great social marketplace for travelers and for travel businesses. What has started out as a travel resource has turned into a large social marketplace that can hook travelers up to travel businesses, an intention that Touristlink is very proud of. Though the site is a bit Tripadvisor – ish, there are many more opportunities for travel businesses and travel providers that is cost effective and targeted.

Touristlink is moving up in the ranks for tourism businesses

Tripadvisor created business opportunities for small and large businesses a few years ago but many of the opportunities are cost prohibited and does not send clients to a business directly. They create opportunities for travelers to book online through tripadvisor but they are not focusing on bringing more business to participating businesses due to travelers preferences. Tourist link is doing this for small travel businesses and travel service providers making Touristlink a viable option and an affordable option for many.

What does Touristlink do?

Tourist link was developed by Gotripindia and is a parent company of The long history of both of these online travel networks has provided Touristlink with an advantage that many other online travel communities do not have, experience, online growth through the last decade or more of online travel.

Touristlink is a social market place for travelers and travel service providers that shares travel deals, gets answers to travelers questions, enables travelers to explore and discover top attractions, meet other travelers and travel service providers and lets travelers share their travel experience through reviews, trip reports, photos and comments. They have added two new services that will be of interest to travelers but of great interest to travel service providers. They provide group travel for many destinations and do a service provider search for travelers looking for a particular experience in a destination. This means that you as a travel service provider can offer group travel to this large network, and if you are registered as a business, will receive direct referrals in the Touristlink community, travelers who are looking for your specific service in your specific destination. Both of those added benefits trumps Tripadvisor for sure!

How to use Touristlink for your tourism business

Here are a few ways you can use Touristlink to increase exposure and profits for your tourism business. As a social market place you have more options than just travel expert, you can add value and you can gain new clients. It has been called the  ‘Etsy for travel providers’.  Read on.

  • become a local destination expert
  • offer unique travel options
  • highlight group and and travel packages
  • offer advice and information
  • nurture guest and client relationships
  • get into new markets – younger generation and a different travel market

Touristlink offers a commission based program for travel bookings that makes financial sense for small businesses. There is no annual fee, you only pay if you get a booking and your company will have a company page with reviews, information and more. Touristlink wants to work with small business providers who find it a challenge to market their services. It is a mandate of the company to be a resource for both travelers and travel businesses. Their search option that matches a travelers needs with travel service providers is great!

Tripadvisor plays a role for many tourism businesses but check out Touristlink as an additional option that is a social marketplace, not just a travel portal.

Check out how the group travel works on Touristlink.

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