Successful social media strategies used by travel and tourism businesses

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stock market strategies 300x199 Successful social media strategies used by travel and tourism businesses

There are quite a few travel and tourism businesses that have created successful social media strategies through social networks. Each of the highlighted brands have used many different approaches to their social media networks that have worked for their tourism businesses. Could any of these work for you?

Using a Twitter hashtag to make your destination event successful

Arrowhead starting using social media to market their destination after their budget was cut and tourism started to drop. It was used as a last resort to try and gain some interest in the destination, particularly their summer theater series that was losing attendance numbers.

The social media community manager had gained 700 followers on twitter and decided to test a hashtag for the summer theater. To her surprise, the hashtag documented over 15,000 tweets in one weekend! With this following, the social media community manager uses twitter to broadcast annual happenings and theater productions to the followers of the hashtag. The experiment was a success and is now one of the main destination marketing tools for this destination. Read the case study written by Social Media Examiner outlining the motivation and success behind this twitter hashtag experiment that turned into a social media strategy.

Using marketing research to determine the best offline and online marketing strategies

Howe Caverns was an old brand that marketed their cavern tours to the tourism market. A new owner bought the tourist attraction and enlisted the help of the marketing company Wanderlust to research their tourist market so they could compete with newer and bigger tourism activities that had entered the destination.

It was the market research results that prompted a re-branding of this old and well known natural park that needed to inspire a decision from the day trippers and week long tourists that were visiting the area. The strategies included:

1. Repositioning the How Caverns brand to make it look hipper and newer. The tag line used was “The Underground” to attract younger tourists who were coming to the area.

2. Re-designed the website and offline marketing to show the new image of this tourist attraction

3. Implemented an SEO web strategy (Search Engine Optimization) to have the the attraction show up more on search engines when people were searching the destination

4. Created a virtual tour of the caverns using video and photos to show visitors the unique experience that the caverns offered.

Read about this case study to see how market research can help a business re-brand their attraction and put some new life into an old destination.

Using Re-tweets to build your tourism brand and become an influencer

A small hotel in Europe implemented a simple Twitter strategy to gain the trust of travellers to their area. Tiara Hotels would search twitter looking for interesting tweets about their destination and re-tweet the information. By using other peoples information and retweeting under their brand, they were able to gain followers and travel trust to increase their business and awareness of their brand. Sometimes the simplest strategies work.

Do you have a social media strategy that helped increase the awareness of your travel brand? Share  your experiences and let others know how you were able to utilize social networks to create some buzz.

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