Increase Facebook engagement with 5 new strategies for tourism businesses

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We all want a quick fix to boost our Facebook fans, engagement and yes, bottom line profits. Well, if I had the magic bullet I would give it to you, but we are still at the work smart and work strategically stage for increasing Facebook fans and engagement.

Don’t move on, these are useful tidbits and it could just be your magic bullet for your Facebook page. Not everyone’s Facebook page is created equal and this may just be what you needed to read today to continue your successful Facebook plans and posting and making your fanpage great!

Tip #1 – Work on building a community not a podium

Many small businesses are using Facebook as a podium not a community. The difference? A podium is where one person speaks and many people listen. Could you image listening to someone for a month straight with no moves to include you in the conversation? B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Communities are where everyone participates, shares and engages, it is not just one or a small group of people. Ask questions, share content that ignites a passion, getting people engaged in what you are sharing. When people comment start commenting back and get the conversation going.

Tip#2 – Be super duper creative when sharing information

Being creative just is not enough anymore. We see the same all day, photos, comments, shares, likes. Get CREATIVE and make people look or think twice. This takes some planning and some time, so don’t expect to have a creative moment each time you go to post. Creativity can be done through coupons, contests, paid for promotions on Facebook, offers and more.

Facebook has added a new tab when you go to post on your status, Offer/Event

 Increase Facebook engagement with 5 new strategies for tourism businesses


When you click on the Offer, Event + area you will see more areas where you can engage fans or gain more fans through creative posts.

 Increase Facebook engagement with 5 new strategies for tourism businesses


Stop, think and then act before you decide which option you want to use and what that option will say. Be creative, inspirational and make sure it has something to do with your tourism business, your destination or a related field in your area.

Tip #3 Be nice, stay the party line and always be kind

There is another saying, kill them with kindness. And they are right, kill it with a lot of sincere and nice kind gestures, information, tips, answers and more. If you use Facebook to rant about city policies that are not useful for your business, or the neighbor that is not playing nice or the guest that was less than respectful, people will not listen. If they don’t listen, it is hard to build a community, if there is not community then you will not be able to increase your guest and client base. Got it! Kill – them- with – kindness.

Tip #4 Share content that others will share

I am a bit different and what I would personally want to share is not necessarily what my guests would share. Know your market and know what they like so you can feed more content that they will want to share. If for some reason you find out that all of your guests are vegan, share vegan recipes, if they all live in Texas, then share some Texas content. Know your market so that you can pick information that they would want to share so they tell two people and they tell two people and so on and so on and so on.

Tip #5 Be different

dare to be different pictures 1024x768 Increase Facebook engagement with 5 new strategies for tourism businesses

This is the fun part. We all have a different side to us, and if you can discover that difference use it! People need a wake up call and being different (in a kind, generous and nice way) is what will get you noticed.If your community manager has an odd laugh, use it. If your business does something ass backwards but gets the job done, share it through video or photos. If your staff do kind things outside or work that are worth sharing either through volunteer work, or a kooky habit they have, get that thing out there that makes your different, but still professional.

Did something spark you? Did something on this list that helps to increase your engagement on Facebook rind true to your business and how you could increase the number of fans and how they interact with you. Do you see some reasons why perhaps you are not getting the engagement that you would like to have or think you should have? If you are not inspired today, it could come to your tomorrow. Just put all of these ideas into the back of your head and see what comes out of it!

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