How to maximize Tripadvisor in 2012 if you are a travel business

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pool deck cabana 960x400 tripadvisor 2012 How to maximize Tripadvisor in 2012 if you are a travel business

All of us know about Tripadvisor but very few of us know what Tripadvisor offers for our travel business other than a rating system and the ability for guests to leave reveiws, albeit positive or negative.

It is the number one go to site for travellers and is growing each and every day, but really how can you, as a tourism or travel business maximize your presence on Tripadvisor!? What is the best way to work with Tripadvisor not just shake your head in amazement sometimes as this social media platform gets bigger and bigger.

Read the latest Tripadvisor survey results for an eye opening view of what people are doing on TA!

Keep your enemies close

Now we are not saying that Tripadvisor is your enemy or those who review your business are your enemy. No one asked to be on Tripadvisor and the enemy part of this is, you need to invest time, yes more time, into Tripadvisor and the community that has decided to use it as their way to engage others about their travels. Did you pick this, in many cases no, but you do have to pay attention.

Respond to reviews

Good or bad, respond to reviews. Take the opportunity to thank people for their time and review and take time to respond to those who did not give you the stellar reveiw you thought that you deserved. This is not a place to offer a free stay, or cut a deal or rant at a guest who may have been difficult to begin with . This is the place to show your professionalism, responsiveness, your kindness and your thoughtfulness.

Add articles about your destination to the Tripadvisor

Anyone can submit an article about an activity, a destination, how to tips, local overview, rules to travel by, you name it, you can write it. This is not the place to market your business, it the place to show off your destination, talk about the niche travel opportunities available (with your business being part of that niche) or seasonal fun things to do. Position the article to reflect what your business does without doing a full on marketing piece about your hotel, your tour, or your craft shop.

Make Tripadvisor – social

Tripadvisor is a social media network so if you business is on the platform make it social. Interact, make your business real not just a bunch of reviews that could be written by real or phantom guests. If you start interacting then the guest revies become 3 dimensional with a person on the other end, not just a bunch of text. If there was a problem with your services and someone complained, their true personality by become public and the review may lose some klout as the review just may not be a happy person.

Search the forum for mentions, search for questions that guests are asking, make TA social, that is what it is there for. SO man of us are afraid as business owners to interact and there are days when I see why, as their rules can be a little cloudy some days, but if you keep it real, no marketing, no BS just a conversation without links or a business plug, you will find that TA is pretty easy to manage.

Keep it Real

Hotel news now, a blog and online news magazine for hotel owners cited this last week – “According to a survey conducted in the fourth quarter of 2010 by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TripAdvisor, 68% of guests said if they were considering two comparable properties online, the presence of management responses to reviews on one would sway them in the property’s favor.

So keep it real. Say thanks, say sorry if someone did not like their experience and just keep in contact with guests when they have questions.

The conversation is what people are looking for so give it to them. There is something about an ‘owner’ giving a guest attention that always goes miles in a guests continued loyalty. Think about it, how many times have you heard some one say, I know the owner, and they are proud to be able to say that. Use Tripadvisor to build that relationship once guests have left and let them feel that they now know the owner.

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