How the unobvious is the obvious in social media marketing

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Social media marketing is tricky and takes a whole lot of creativity! If you are up for the challenge and love to think outside the box, social media marketing will be your thing. If you are not that creative, think about enlisting someone who is creative to plan your social media marketing strategies. There have been some super creative strategies released recently and Red Bull seems to take the cake on this one. They published a great campaign that resulted in hundreds and thousands of new fans, incredible activity on Twitter and reconfirmed their brand with millions of people.

Build your social media campaign around your brand,  not your business

Red bull could have sent out posts saying that Red Bull was delicious, gave you energy, is a top energy drink…..and on and on…this would be the content of their posts IF they were pointing directly to their brand, something that we try to discourage not encourage when posting on social media.

What Red Bull did was point to what their brand stood for, energy, adventure, power, risk, the ability for you to do anything when you drink a Red Bull! The campaign showed a man jumping from space through the sound barrier in the atmosphere. They showed that Red Bull makes you a hero, powerful, full of energy to break the sound barrier….you are invincible, the brand is invincible…and let people assume that if you drink Red Bull you too can do this, you too will be powerful, strong and adventurous and can do anything.

What does your brand stand for and how can you point away from it to get more attention

Think about your brand. What does it stand for and how can you point to something related to this idea of your brand and get a reaction, get people paying attention. If you are about relaxation, what does that mean to people. If you are about adventure what adventure can you create…if you are about culture what social media campaign can you create that points to culture and not directly at your business.

A great campaign will lead to other media placements for free

Public relations is very similar to this type of social media marketing. If you do something amazing, then other media outlets will pick up the story. In the case of Red Bull, they used social media to highlight this campaign but they received coverage in print and on television as well. What was a social media focus now provided them with free television coverage and free print coverage! Now do you see how pointing at your brand’s ideas and beliefs can gain you more marketing!!! The other media coverage was for free!

As we have said before, step away from the computer. Take a break and really think about way to creatively highlight your brand and what it stands for not your business and what it does! This is what can really fuel your social media and how people view what you do and what they will gain when they book with you.

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