How mobile is changing tourism marketing

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people texting How mobile is changing tourism marketing

If you are keeping up to date on tourism marketing, mobile and marketing is going hand in hand these days. With over 50% of tech users owning a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, tourism businesses need to understand how mobile is effecting their marketing. One, you need to understand the habits of people on mobile devices and two it is important to find ways to reach this market through mobile strategies. Social media became popular as it adopted mobile strategies and adopted to mobile use early. Using social media is one way to increase your mobile marketing as the platforms are mobile already!

Not sure what mobile marketing means and how it impacts your tourism business?

When people started to drive, marketing changed. Billboards were used in advertising, roadside marketing opportunities were found, and businesses adapted their marketing to reach people where they were. With mobile, marketers are changing their strategies to reach their audiences on their mobile devices as that is where way too many people hang out. Go where your people hang to deliver your message, duplicate their habits and put your marketing message there. That is what mobile marketing is all about, put your message on the mobile devices in a format that mobile users understand.

Mobile users habits and tourism marketing opportunities

online travel experiences How mobile is changing tourism marketing


Pick one area of opportunity and focus on it for your tourism business

We are great believers in focusing on one item and doing it well. Look over this information and pick one area in social media and mobile habits that you can work on. Should you be focusing on creating some really good videos, should your business blog be soooo good that you are considered an expert, are photos the way to engage your guests and clients. Pick one, just one and do it really well. This information compiled by funsherpa is invaluable and could just give you the inspiration you need to refocus your tourism marketing efforts and do one mobile strategy well.

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