Hot topics for tourism – content inspiration for social media marketing

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 Hot topics for tourism   content inspiration for social media marketing

Content is the hardest part of social media. What do people like to read about, what topics will get better engagement, what are people searching for. Being an expert is one thing on social media but defining your expertise is another. There are a few merging hot trends for content that are specific for tourism. If you follow along you may find your content inspiration and what your expertise could be for travelers and vacationers.

5 hot content trends in tourism marketing

Tourism social media Hot topics for tourism   content inspiration for social media marketing

1. Wine and Cocktails – Vacation means relaxation, traveling seems to end each day with a cocktail. It is what it is, and there is no explanation. Wine and cocktails seems to perk people up, wine and cocktail information seems to help people decide where they will travel and where they will have that end of day cocktail. Though you don’t want to look like a lush, you can be clever about your cocktail and wine posting. Focus on local drinks and specialties, partner with a bar that has a great mixologist. Experiment with your own cocktail making and inspire others. There are many ways to look at wine and cocktails as content. Recipe sharing, location sharing, historical cocktail sharing. Take you pick but be sober when you post, okay!

2. Fashion and Shopping. We are going to lump this into one category as fashion can be clothes or it can be hairpins, jewelery, art, trinkets, you name it. Travelers and visitors are eager to find the perfect ‘thing’ to take home on vacation, a deal, a specialty item, something. Add in the presents they need to buy for those poor folks back home and you could have hit the jackpot. Yoru market will determine your shopping and fashion highlights. If you are dealing with the hostel world, diamonds and Name brands may not be the way to go as your sole focus. If your guests are middle class travelers, find deals and steals for your followers. High fashion is for a very specific crowd so match those fashion photos to your market.

3. Food. Oh the food focus that is sweeping the world. Between the rock star chefs and the buy-local philosophies, food, great food, is really a winner no matter how you slice it. If your hotel or condos have cooking facilities, you can open up your content to include recipes, local food markets and helping your guests make at home food choices while on vacation. Restaurant reviews for a destination will always rock, and chef interviews a winner. Pick your food focus and build it!

4. Local/off the radar. More and more vacationers and travelers are looking for a local experience in their vacation destination. All the glitter and fanfare of being a visitor is nice for a while, but the experience is what people are looking for, a real experience that reflects how people live in the destination from day to day. Be that local guide and give yoru readers that insight into your destination. Let them follow you around and find out really, what life is like where you live and work. This opens up great opportunity for video, photos, fun blog posts and content that is easy to draw from, your life. Little research is involved. It will all come down to awareness and creativity.

What is not hot in tourism social media

Acting like a typical tourist guide that only points your readers to typical activities, trends and over marketed experiences is not what vacationers are looking for. They want a real voice, that shares, laughs, provides insider information and will provide a holistic overview of a destination not the destination that is marketed throughout magazines, travel agencies and video that uses stock photos and actors in destination videos. People want real, people want insight, people want to learn and be educated by your day to day experiences. People want to think that you are speaking personally to them, not an audience.A rehearsed voice is not the experience people are looking for.

Define your market and find the best content idea that will ring true to your readers, your soon to be readers and those who you want to have follow you on your social media networks.

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