Do’s and Don’ts of the Small Business Blog

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to blog or not to blog1 Dos and Donts of the Small Business Blog

Congratulations on deciding to add a blog to your social media strategy. In our article “Why Blog?” we have outlined the benefits of adding a blog to your social media strategy. Now it is time to start planning for your blog and getting it ready for publication. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Blog Do’s

Integrate your blog into your website. If you have an existing site, look for tools to have your website host your blog. If you are not able to do this, transfer your website to a platform that can host your blog and website. can all do this. You can keep your original domain name and your current website design.

Create your own style. Writing is hard for many but when you understand that a blog can be written in your voice, it makes it a lot easier. You are to create a personality like your other social media networks. This is not a newspaper or Vogue. It is your blog and represents your company. A journalism degree is not required.

Make your titles keyword rich. The title of your blog articles are indexed by search engines, so make sure it is keyword rich. Using questions as your title is a good idea, as this may match a question someone is looking for on Google.

Post videos and photos. Like a magazine or newspaper, photos and videos are an important part of your blog. Add them , use them and make them relevant.

Utilize blog comments Check for comments that your readers make and answer them. Sometimes the comments become more interesting than the actual blog.

Make a schedule It is recommended to post a blog weekly. If you are able to post two to three times a week, even better. Set one day or a half day a week to write your blog posts. They need to be a minimum of 200 words and most range from 200 to 800 words. Your blogging platform will have a word counter like your desktop publishing program. Make a commitment and stick to it.

Write blogs before you go live. Write 20 blog posts before you even start publishing. Saving them on your computer is fine, and you can access the posts as you publish. This helps when you are in a crunch and cannot get to a post for the week.

Tag, tag, tag. Tag your posts so they are found on search engines. Keywords are used to increase your visibility on customer searches.

Hire someone to write your blog. Hiring a ghostwriter to write your articles is an inexpensive way to get your blog rolling. Depending on the material or length of the blog, a ghostwriter can complete a blog for $10 an article. If you post weekly, that is $40 a month. For someone who is not a writer or does not have time, this is a great way to go.

The list can go on and on, and there are many blog do’s that can be added. We will take this one step at a time and just get you started. We want you to start, we don’t want to discourage.

Blog Don’ts

This will be short and sweet.

Randomly post. You want people to follow your blog so post often. The worst thing you can do is start a blog and not use it. People will not return if they don’t see any action.

Rant. Don’t use your blog to complain, rant, put down your competitors or just be a nuisance. The blog represents you so a positive, helpful spin is a good way to gain customers.

Lie or post incorrect information. If you are not sure about something don’t write about it. If you can’t back up a statement, don’t publish it.

Copy or plagiarize. Don’t copy others people work. If you are stuck for information, don’t take someone else’s work and post it as your own. Not only do search engines not like this, but it is not playing nice in the social media sandbox. If you want to quote and credit someone, great, give them a link. Don’t steal, it is not nice.

Don’t preach. Be friendly and open. Opinions are good, opinionated is not.

Blogging is fun and should be a labor of love, not a chore. It is your soapbox for your company or brand and if you make it fun, people will know that you are the person to go to when they need information. If you are uncomfortable writing, hire a ghostwriter and pay him or her to keep your blog going. Our staff writers know how to write, will interview you and get a great blog going for you so you can have a voice. Contact us to see what you need and how this can be done today.

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