Building a winning social media strategy for tourism

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Future man social media Building a winning social media strategy for tourism

Why do the work and not win? Would you train for a marathon and not finish, would you change your diet and not lose weight? Would you invest your money only to lose it? If you are going to spend time doing something, why not build a winning strategy instead of just…doing..

Building a winning strategy for social media takes planning, creativity, time and monitoring. We all want to win, but the winning part includes all of these parts, each part, without forgetting a part. We want you to win, we really, really do, so we have put together a list of items that will enable you to build a winning social media strategy not just a social media program.

7 points for a winning social media strategy for tourism

1. Tell stories – Traveling is about stories. Tell stories about your destination, let people into the local and residential part of the destination. With permission, share guest stories, share employee stories, share your story. Point away from your business and share your brand and what is stands for.

2. Be authentic – People buy from people. In the land of social media it is important to show your personality, your humanness, the reality of the situation. This applies to photos and videos as well. Stock photos just don’t cut it anymore, go out there and take photos of your area, events, people and your destination.

3. Share content that is interesting to your market. Put yourself in their shoes, what do they want to know, what are they interested in, what inspires them, what makes them excited.

4. Build both a content and network strategy. That means, plan your content, and plan how you are going to share that content. What content is better for Facebook, what content is better for Twitter. Where are you going to point readers to once they read the content. Uploading content is great but you also have to have a way to broadcast and move that content so people will see it, read it, share it.

5. Be entertaining. There is soooo much information out there, and people are bogged down with this information, they truly want to be entertained! This makes social media more about creativity than direct marketing. Not all of us wake up each day and are ready to entertain so planning this makes social media easier.Finding your voice is one of the easiest ways to entertain.

6. Be timely. Know local and international festivals, plan when you want to talk about these upcoming events and what you will highlight about these event. Stay on top of current events so that you are aware of what is going on in the world and make use of this information.

7. Don’t sell. We have said this over and over again. Do not sell your product. Social media is about being social and there is nothing worse than being that person in the global room that is pitching people instead of being social.

Put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and make it happen.

Before you open any social media network, sit for as long as you need and plan your strategy. If you have a strategy, look over it again and cross off any posts, tactics or thoughts that are related to selling your business. Cross off any posts that point to your business directly and exchange these ideas with points made above.

You want to win right?

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