30 days to Facebook Freedom – Day 1 – Goal setting

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Facebook is work, and work requires planning. When we start a job, a task, a business without a game plan things move slower, our motivation is less and we never really know if we are doing well at the job we set out to do or even really doing the job when we don’s have goals.

Facebook is a job, a fun job but never the less a job. To be successful at Facebook, goals need to be defined, highlighted and thought about. Would you open a business and not set goals? Would you start working out at the gym and not set goals? Would you start a diet and not set goals? Goals let you track your success and help you gauge if you are getting closer to where you want to be.

Goals let you get in and get out, with no time wasted. No goals, you will be kayaking without a paddle = standstill.

Facebook is a time waster if you don’t have a goal. Anyone who has logged onto their Facebook account without an idea as to what they are doing on Facebook on that day or at that time, knows what I am talking about. All of a sudden an hour has flown by and you feel like you just wasted an hour. Set your goal and keep your eye on the prize!

Setting Facebook Goals

Facebook Goals 30 days to Facebook Freedom   Day 1   Goal setting

Step away from the computer! Thats right, remove yourself from the computer, turn off your super smart phone, and take 15 minutes to think about your Facebook goals.

If you are going to spend time on Facebook for your business, what…do….you…want…to…achieve?

What is your main purpose for being on Facebook as a business?

You may ask, what does this have to do with getting facebook freedom? ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

Try going on a diet without a goal and staying motivated. Not going to happen. Try opening a business without a goal in mind and see if you are inspired to go to work everyday.

Goals define your work, goals provide you with direction, goals cut down on wasted time and enable you to focus on the task at hand.

No goals, no motivation, no direction, no results. Why do something if you are not going to work towards results?

Goals are not written in stone so just start thinking, and then start writing them down. Goals can change, goals can become better defined as you work towards them, but a goals is needed for success. Or how will you know if you are successful?

Measurable and non-measurable Facebook goals

Here are some examples of Facebook Goals

1. Use my fanpage to direct people to my website

2. Build a community where my customers/guests can engage with me, the business, other guests and destination ambassadors

3. Use my fanpage to build trust with new clients/guests

4. Use my fanpage to highlight the destination where my business is

5. Use my fanpage exclusively for deals and specials to increase my bookings by 15% each month

6. Use my fanpage to understand my guests and conduct market research

7. Use my fanpage to share photos and video (digital media) to obtain increased engagement and interest in my business

8. Use my fanpage to highlight online reservations and earn income with 25% of my online bookings coming from facebook fans

9. Have 25% of my client base engaging on Facebook with the company

10. Find 10 ambassadors to help me market my business through word of mouth marketing

Get the drift? Your goals should be measurable and unmeasurable. It is always preferred to have measurable goals, so you can see whether you are succeeded or not, but there are some cases where you can measure you goals. Facebook has provided ways for businesses to obtain statistics and see return on their engagment, or return on your investment (insights).

If all your goals are unmeasurable your motivation will decrease. Have measurable goals and if you want to add some unmeasurable goals, go for it.

Just do it! Define your Facebook goals and rest…

Take the next 36 hours to plan your goals and define what you want your Facebook fanpage to do for you. Two goals are great! 10 goals may have you on Facebook 24 hours a day. Be selective start small and Day 2 we will talk about setting strategies to reach those goals. Remember baby steps, and if you dont feel you get it right the first time you can always change your goals!

Did you set your goals? Share them! We are all here to find Facebook freedom and the more we share together the more we can learn together! Comment below and let other people know what your goals are!

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  1. Reply Michelle says:


    What a great article! The points you highlighted can also be used to make a plan for Twitter and LinkedIn. Thank you for sharing this information! I will certainly keep it in mind.

    Connect to HR

  2. Reply Robyn says:

    Excellent Day 1 exercise – figure out what you want the tool to do for your business! Any tactic will feel like work
    until it is aligned with a business objective and the “plan” is laid out. Then the fun begins. Great job giving ideas
    on what a facebook goal could be.
    Robyn Mather
    A Social State of Mind

  3. Reply Shilonda says:

    Kay I couldn’t agree more with the first sentence of this article: “Facebook Is Work!” That’s probably why I honestly don’t like it very much, I think social media should be fun, even if it is for business. I prefer Twitter, but this article is just what many need who are stymied by Facebook. I see that you are outlining things very well and I”m sure everyone is enjoying following along. Thanks for sharing!

    Shilonda Downing
    Virtual Work Team LLC

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